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The Berlinale Blog: The clenching embarrassment of a George Clooney press conference

Another press conference with George Clooney, and another wretched roomful of simpering hacks showed George what pointless […]


The Berlinale Blog: LaBeouf is not the same as von Trier or Cantona

Ben went to another soul-withering press conference today. This time he got to watch Shia LaBeouf be […]


The Berlinale Blog: Typical gringo film

Ben Knight thinks they should re-name press conferences something else. Because there ain't any journalists there.


Eve Lucas: Not just a pretty face – and out to prove it

Of course Robert Pattinson is pretty. The new chain gang haircut and stubble notwithstanding, he remains a […]


Ben Knight: Much Udo about nothing

Ben can finally tell his grandchildren that Udo Kier has made a fool of him in public. […]


Ben Knight: The dos and don’ts of the Berlinale press conference

Ben has been to another press conference. This time with Clive Owen. He has decided there are […]


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