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So, you’re going to jail… What are Berlin prisons really like?

You’ve done the crime, now you’ve got to do the time. But what are conditions actually like […]


“I wanted to tell our family’s experience of Julian’s persecution.”

Gabriel Shipton on his brother Julian Assange and producing a film about a family’s fight to free […]


Save Berlin: Wrestling with ghosts

Dan explores buildings with sordid histories in the East.


Spy, whistleblower, storyteller (Part 2)

INTERVIEW! Better than "Orange is the New Black"! A CIA spy reveals all about his time in […]


Gay behind bars

Officials might deny it, but homophobia in Berlin prisons is a real problem. Where can out inmates […]


Machine destroyers behind bars

INTERVIEW. It's not exactly "Orange Is the New Black", but there's drama in Berlin's prisons too. The […]


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