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Rave the Planet 2022: All you need to know about the Love Parade successor

Techno parade 'Rave The Planet' will take place in Berlin on July 9.


Ukraine protests: 100,000 march in Berlin – a photo gallery

Up to half a million gathered in Berlin yesterday in solidarity with Ukraine. EXB's photographer was there.


Red Flag: Berlin healthcare workers on strike

Workers at Berlin's two biggest hospitals, Charité and Vivantes, are on strike. This isn't a normal fight […]


Red Flag: How Berliners fought for abortion rights in the 1970s

Abortion has been outlawed in Texas. Fifty years ago, Berlin feminists showed how to win abortion rights: […]


One year on: Still fighting for Belarus

On the anniversary of the rigged elections that launched a movement, we meet some of the activists […]


Bagpipes without borders: The Germans backing Scottish independence

As Scotland heads to the polls, we meet the dedicated supporters fighting for the country’s independence from afar.


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