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Fighting the system: Cornelia Schleime

INTERVIEW! Schleime, winner of this year’s Hannah Höch Prize for lifetime achievement, on fleeing East Berlin, starting […]


The eternal punk: Wolfgang Müller

THE BOYS OF KOTTI SERIES! It takes a certain kind of character (and yes, apparently some testosterone) […]

Music & clubs

A doctor at the races

INTERVIEW. From squats to stadiums, Berliner punk rock giant Farin Urlaub of Die Ärzte will going full […]


Nena looks back

At 55, NENA has remained Germany’s queen of pop, probably the most recognisable German musician to this […]

Music & clubs

Help fund Berlin’s punk rock Bible!

UPDATE: The crowdfunding deadline for SO36: Das Buch, a comprehensive history of Berlin's favourite punk club and […]

Music & clubs

A few questions for… Meredith Graves of Perfect Pussy

INTERVIEW. Perfect Pussy has been hailed as the next generation of noise-punk, coming out the winner of […]


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