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Cruising through Berlin’s queer history

Historian Samuel Clowes Huneke talks lesbian balls in Nazi Germany, looking for sex in wartime ruins and […]


Where do you go when the fetish clubs are closed?

We find out how those with kinky desires are coping after a year without their safe spaces, […]


Linus Giese: “Being trans can mean a happy life.”

The author became a literary sensation with the publication of his debut memoir, Ich bin Linus. We […]


Inside Berlin’s busy Ballroom scene

Does “voguing” ring a bell for you? Well, it should, because Ballroom, the NYC-born 1960s subculture, is […]


This week at the kino: Hittman’s vital drama and Soura film festival

There’s only one film that should be on your list for the weekend, and our film editor […]


EXB’s guide to Pornfilmfestival 2020

Berlin’s hottest independent film festival institution isn’t going to let the pandemic quash the love. Pornfilmfestival Berlin […]


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