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Damon Galgut at ILB 2022: “I’m not sure if life is a comedy or a tragedy”

We spoke with Damon Galgut at the ILB 2022 – touching both on his experience of his […]

Faces of Wedding

Justice Mvemba: Decolonial tales from Berlin’s African Quarter

Justice Mvemba leads walking tours to share the grisly, real story behind Wedding’s African Quarter.

Red flag

When Berlin was a centre of worldwide anti-colonial struggles

With the 12th Berlin Biennale is focusing on decolonial engagement, we remember Berlin's history of anti-colonial struggle.


Asal Dardan: “The barbarian is talking back. Poor you.”

We speak to the prize-nominated essayist about prejudice in Germany, the absurdity of Heimat and the value […]


Treptower Park’s human zoo

One hundred and twenty-five years ago, white Berliners spent a summer staring at Black people for entertainment. […]


Red Flag: Germany lets far-right terrorism flourish

The trial of an extremist who posed as a Syrian refugee is underway, but why haven’t any […]


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