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A Modern Rose: Strawberry Jam and Scones

Rose is enjoying the last of strawberry season by making a batch of strawberry jam and scones.


A Modern Rose: Nasi Goreng

Rose makes a tasty Indonesian fried rice dish that is quick and easy to make.


A Modern Rose: Chanterelle Risotto

Berlin’s latest seasonal food makes a perfect risotto dish for a group of friends.


A Modern Rose: Hummus with a red pepper sauce and grilled mushrooms

Rose is all about the hummus this week – comfort food for hot or cold days.


A Modern Rose: Burgers with a Tomato Relish

Rose loves a good burger during the summer months and makes a tasty relish to go with […]


A Modern Rose: Banh Mi

Rose makes a quick and spicy Banh Mi that is perfect on a warm summer's evening.


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