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Konrad Werner: If you really want to ban the burqa…

Go ahead and ban burqas, but then can we get on to an issue that affects our […]


Konrad Werner: We’ll take that, Merkel

Angela Merkel hasn't changed much in the last nine years, but our standards have – in this […]


Documenting life and death in Lampedusa

INTERVIEW! This year’s winner of the Berlinale Golden Bear, Gianfranco Rosi, sat with us to talk about […]


Saving refugees without talking to them

This summer’s best production of Much Ado about Nothing doesn’t have anything to do with Shakespeare – […]


Struggling with German

INTERVIEW! Journalist and writer Rasha Abbas recounts her tribulations as a Syrian in Germany – from learning […]


John Riceburg: Wait – is Gauland of the AfD himself a refugee?

Alexander Gauland of the Alternative für Deutschland hates refugees. And guess who once sought refuge in a […]


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