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Red Flag: Does your rent finance the AfD?

Henning Conle is a billionaire landlord who donates money to Germany’s largest far-right party. Nathaniel Flakin tells […]


Red Flag: What would Berlin’s socialised housing look like?

The campaign to nationalise the city’s biggest landlords runs until June 25. Nathaniel Flakin predicts what might […]


Red Flag: The Mietendeckel is out, but the fight continues

The only way to stop exploding rents is to put housing under public control by nationalising Berlin’s […]


Red Flag: My landlord is suing me

Nathaniel Flakin has been taken to court. Here’s why you should want that, too.


Red Flag: The people vs Deutsche Wohnen

After over a year of delays, a referendum on expropriating Berlin’s biggest landlord is set to go […]


Daily Berlin Corona update

Today's numbers and the latest on safety measures and potential fines, unconventional suggestions for pedestrians and toilet […]


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