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Red flag: Take a look at Germany’s post-coup cabinet

Last Wednesday, a cabal of make-believe princes, conspiracy theorists, and right-wing politicians were arrested for plotting a […]

Venice Biennale

Nikita Kadan: How culture survives in wartime

From the Venice Biennale, we spoke with Ukrainian artist Nikita Kadan about his hybrid artworks and turning […]


Red Flag: Germany lets far-right terrorism flourish

The trial of an extremist who posed as a Syrian refugee is underway, but why haven’t any […]


Red Flag: Neo-Nazis in Neukölln, again?

A far-right party called The Third Way has flooded the neighbourhood with flyers. In his latest column, […]


Red Flag: Hanau’s far-right terror attack one year later

A terrorist gunned down nine people in a shisha bar. One year on, friends and family still […]


Neukölln’s Nazi problem

Despite a wave of arson attacks on immigrants and local politicians, a report published by police says […]


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