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Amok Mama: German men are fucking hypocrites

Jacinta Nandi wants to get Botox and fake tits. Before you call her shallow, go and shag […]


Konrad Werner: Ossi fetish

Konrad has a confession to make. He, like everyone at EXB's blog department, gets unnaturally aroused by […]


Amok Mama: When in Rome, don’t actually massacre Christians

What's more annoying: having a noisy neighbour or being a noisy neighbour? And when in Rome, should […]


Amok Mama: Can you be a feminist and still let boys jizz on your face?

Jacinta Nandi ponders her rather specific New Year's resolutions and finds out why she might want to […]


EXBERLINER’s January issue

OUT NOW! "The VINTAGE BERLIN issue" – the EMPRESS of VINTAGE, duping DONORS, wacky COLLECTORS, as well […]


Amok Mama: So sue me – I really hate rape jokes

There are very few boundaries that Jacinta Nandi will not to cross in her humour. For some […]


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