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Mossy Brackets: Single at Christmas

Found yourself alone in Berlin this holiday season? Whether you're a stranded expat looking for a teat […]


Mossy Brackets: Sexting after Syria

It seems obvious that war zones and dating don't mix, right? Well, Miss Brackets still had to […]


Mossy Brackets: Top 5 places to meet singles

Whether you're desperate and dateless, or looking to have an affair (but sick of having to erase […]


Mossy Brackets: Dries through the Grindr

Mossy isn't fond of how the German language adopted the word 'Shitstorm', but that doesn't mean she […]


Mossy Brackets: The Mossy Prophecy

Everything Mossy writes is becoming true! Shit is getting real, and our sex blogger is not sure […]


Mossy Brackets: Leave the hipsters alone

Mossy is getting sick of people making bad jokes about hipsters and blaming them for everything. She […]


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