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I’m not offended if you buy my drink!

RANT! How hard is it to get a guy to invite you to a drink in this […]


#MeNeither: Are German actresses finally speaking out?

Testimonies from German actresses keep pouring forth against director Dieter Wedel, yet many women continue to remain […]



The sexism debate has reached Germany, but where are the German Weinsteins? Four years after #Aufschrei and […]


John Riceburg: Failing Gina-Lisa Lohfink

Rape culture is alive and kicking in Germany – as shown by a verdict this Monday.


Konrad Werner: If you really want to ban the burqa…

Go ahead and ban burqas, but then can we get on to an issue that affects our […]


John Riceburg: #TeamGinaLisa on the streets against rape culture

John looks at the rape case that has Germans up in arms.


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