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Radical art at E-Werk Luckenwalde

Discover communism’s past and future at this sustainable energy arthouse hybrid in south-west Brandenburg


A winter wander through Briesetal

Ethereal green waterways and icy lake dips. We explore the Briese River Valley


Gutshof Kraatz: Bad apples, good weekend

We visit a waste-not-want-not wine and cider retreat in the Uckermark, an easy drive from Berlin. There's even an overnight […]


Kunstwanderweg: Stroll the Brandenburg art walk

The Art Hiking Trail is a circular route found in the forest of Brandenburg with sculptures and […]


Stahnsdorf Cemetery: Hidden city of the dead

The haunting spaces of Stahnsdorf Cemetery have served as backdrop for Netflix's hit TV show Dark, but […]


Mushroom picking in Berlin: A death-proof* foraging guide

It’s mushroom season! But don’t just grab your basket and head out to the woods willy-nilly: read […]


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