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Yoko Ono: “I have so much love because the whole world hated me”

INTERVIEW: Yoko Ono’s solo show opened last month at Haunch of Venison with a polysemous title, Das […]


Marianne Breslauer: Moments Unnoticed

IN PICTURES! In the 1920s, a generation of women took charge of the freedoms offered between two […]


Karen Sofie Egebo: Strobe lights, fan jams & drunken ping-pong table wreckers

Berlin Festival. The festival with the coolest location - where you dance the night away in Tempelhof's […]


TKH: white cube or white elephant?

After a short and chaotic life, Berlin’s Temporäre Kunsthalle died of natural causes on August 31. We […]


Bruce Nauman: Dream Passage

IN PICTURES! Berlin’s first major Nauman retrospective explores his “experience architecture”: corridors and rooms that create the […]


Mona Hatoum

IN PICTURES! A child of Palestinian refugees who fled to Lebanon in the wake of the 1948 […]


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