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Laura Poitras: “I don’t want to be the story”

This year's Oscar for Best Documentary goes to Laura Poitras for her film on Edward Snowden, Citizenfour. […]


The disruptors

Don’t fight the system – disrupt it! Meet the subversive, satirical, risk-taking Berliners trying to effect change […]


Confessions of a MI5 whistleblower: Part II

Our discussion with Annie Machon continues in a Q&A about "the war on whistleblowers".


Berlin’s digital rebellion

Berlin has always attracted dissidents and free thinkers. Today it's the de facto headquarters of the global […]


Konrad Werner: The trouble with being an appendix

Germans are pretending to be outraged about the CIA spying on their secret service. In fact, they're […]


Konrad Werner: Buried in a mountain away from the NSA

Konrad has worked out why that guy got himself stuck in that mountain. He read the Snowden […]


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