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TechScale Berlin: Time to bring data protection home?

US President Trump may have upset teenagers by deciding to ban TikTok, but our columnist thinks he […]


The Berlin media startups set to bloom

We’re spending more time online than ever, which means business is booming across esports, music platforms and […]


Which startups will succeed post-Corona?

TECHSCALE! The coronavirus has devastated the startup landscape, but there are still a few winners. Jewell Sparks […]


Time to start building and open that bank account

TECHSCALE! In this week’s tech update, Jewell Sparks speaks with Marko Wenthin, a founder of an exciting […]


“The path to profit must be shorter.”

TECHSCALE! Yoni Goldwasser is the Director of Venture Development at APX, an early-stage startup investor and accelerator […]


Startup survival kit for Covid-19

TECHSCALE! EXB's techxpert Jewell Sparks outlines ways Berlin's startups can overcome the economic impacts of the coronavirus.


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