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The Gay Berliner: Gays on film

Ready for the Berlinale? Here are the films that are competing for this year's queer film award.


The Gay Berliner: Meet me in the bathroom

A new exhibition makes Walter Crasshole wonder: whatever happened to gay sex in public toilets?


The Gay Berliner: A fairy little Christmas in Berlin

Walter Crasshole on why those who stay in Berlin over the holidays have the gayest time of […]


The Gay Berliner: Married by Merkel

In light of gay marriage becoming officially legal from Sunday October 1 (yippee), Walter Crasshole asks what […]


The gay Berliner: Attention whores

Walter Crasshole takes on the queer issues of the day. This month: does anyone else miss when […]


The Gay Berliner: Xposed Xplained

Walter Crasshole wants to spend May in a darkroom – the cinema, that is. Here’s what to […]


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