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Pop-Up Institute’s Lily Martin on Madness, art and empowerment

Co-founder of the Pop-Up Institute Lily Martin spoke to Exberliner about working to destigmatise mental illnesses through […]


Psychedelic renaissance: Are LSD and MDMA the future of therapy?

Ketamine nasal spray for chronic anxiety, magic mushrooms for persistent depression, MDMA while holding hands with a […]


This thing we call ‘love’

As millennials tinder their way through innumerable first dates, the L-word seems more scary and elusive than […]


Have a smashing Christmas!

Need to blow off some steam post-shopping? A visit to an anger room might be your best […]


Loving kids the wrong way

A taboo-breaking therapy programme at Charité has been helping thousands of pedophiles deal with their sexual behaviour. […]


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