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Confinement chills: The best horror shorts

HOME KINO! What better time for hair-raising short films than lonely nights in isolation? Here's our guide […]


Berlin’s best lockdown eats

Housebound and craving some tasty takeaway to spice up the monotony of confinement? Try some of these […]


The best of Disney+

HOME KINO! The House of Mouse has rolled out its streaming service in Germany. Whether you're debating […]

Music & clubs

A top 10 records for 2014

The rubble from the battlefield of Berlin's New Year's has been cleared, and we as proceed into […]

Music & clubs

2013: A Top 10 Records

D. "Decks Berliner" Strauss delivers his annual appraisal of 2013's album output – in the usual preferred […]


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