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UN Rapporteur on torture: “Julian Assange is a political prisoner.”

We launch our coverage of Assange’s extradition trial by speaking with Nils Melzer, a UN official and […]


Berlin’s human rights lawyer extraordinaire: Wolfgang Kaleck

Super-lawyer Wolfgang Kaleck represents Edward Snowden, founded the ECCHR and sued torturers and dirty multinationals across the […]


Spy, whistleblower, storyteller (Part 1)

Wednesday, we celebrated the release of Chelsea Manning; last week, another jailed whistleblower was in the Berlin […]


Konrad Werner: Germany’s big fat hypocrites on CIA torture

Both Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Justice Minister Heiko Maas expressed their outrage about CIA torture last […]


In a permanent state of war

America's current militarist policies are frighteningly reminiscent of those of the Third Reich, says Todd Pierce. The […]


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