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€9 for 90 ticket: All you need to know about the new monthly travel pass

From June 1, a monthly travel ticket will cost just €9. We outline how to get one […]

Real Berlin

Live like a local: Our guide to the real Berlin

Drinks on the canal, a no-directions-needed bike ride, the Soviet War Memorial... this is our guide to […]

Travel Europe

Night trains from Berlin: Europe from the sleeping compartment

Why waste waking hours on travelling, when you can sleep through it? Sleeper trains are a great […]

€9 ticket

The best excursions from Berlin with the €9 ticket

The €9 ticket opens up the entirety of Germany to many who couldn’t otherwise afford it. It’s […]


When German trains saved Jewish kids

Today Berlin remembers Kristallnacht, the night of Nazi terror that led many Jews to flee the country, […]


Trains on the brain

Have you ever had something that you were completely obsessed with? We met with three "trainspotters", who […]


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