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COVID rules in Berlin: Should I get a booster?

Covid cases in Berlin are rising as winter approaches. So, should you be getting a booster shot? […]


Where to get a booster vaccine in Berlin

Who is eligible for a booster shot & where to get one?


Who are my unvaccinated friends and why didn’t they get their jabs?

Our Editor-in-Chief spoke to five unvaccinated friends and asked them why they didn't get their shots.


Red Flag: I have Covid-19, even though I’m double vaccinated

Despite being fully vaccinated, Nathaniel Flakin got sick with Covid-19. Here's why he still believes in the […]


Opinion: Why we should make vaccination mandatory

In a special op-ed, Tip Berlin Media Group publishers Yoram Roth and Robert Rischke outline what they […]


Berlin Vaccination Nights on August 11th and 13th

The Berlin Vaccination Nights on August 11th and 13th offer free walk-in Covid-19 vaccinations with a festival-worthy lineup!


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