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Berlin’s climate neutral 2030 referendum, explained

You've seen the red and green posters, but what's are the most important things to know about […]


The Berlin election explainer: Off to the polls (again)

Barely 16 months after the last election, Berlin is doing it all over again. So: who are […]


Who will be Berlin’s next mayor?

No candidate from the city’s three leading parties – SPD, Die Linke, the Greens – has made a strong […]


Konrad Werner eyes the EU election

May 26 is this upcoming Sunday and that means EU Parliament elections across the continent. Should you […]


Konrad Werner: Worrying about integration again

Some Turkish people in Germany voted "Evet" (yes) in Erdoğan's referendum last Sunday. The German newspapers decided […]


Ask Hans-Torsten: Voting for Amis

Hans-Torsten Richter answers your questions about surviving and thriving in Berlin. Write to [email protected]


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