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“I have grown to love this city” Creams on Berlin winters and her favourite venues

Originally from Tbilisi, Georgia, Berlin-based alt-pop artist Creams is fast becoming a global star. We chatted about […]

Monday 20, February

80km winds to hit Berlin as Storm Ulf approaches

This week, Storm Ulf hits Berlin - with unusually strong winds and mild temperatures.


The EXB news briefing

Vexing and perplexing news stories from Berlin and beyond...


John Riceburg: Up to our knees in Scheiße

Is this summer of epic rain in Berlin going to be the new normal? John's flooded apartment […]


Fair weather friends

Just how much can you rely on your weather app? And how do they work, anyway?


Berlin’s heat wave: A Texan perspective

Hot enough for you? As Berlin wilts in the summer swelter, you might have noticed that the […]


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