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Wed at Burger: “Drugs in Berlin” panel discussion

From homegrown cannabis on your balcony to heroin on the streets and cocaine in the clubs... drugs […]


Exberliner panel discussion: Gay marriage and adoption

After snap decisions in England and France, same-sex marriage is now a reality in those countries. So […]

Music & clubs

The Exberliner Pirate Night!

Our Wednesdays at Burger presents a panel discussion: Anke Domscheit-Berg, Jan Hemme and Robert Levine, join us […]


The Exberliner Africa Night

Join us on Wednesday, September 26 at Kaffee Burger for our Africa in Berlin panel... colonialism, identity, […]


Wednesdays at Burger

May's Wednesday at Kaffee Burger lineup on May 23 features a couple of down-home space colonisers: electropop […]


Exberliner Wednesdays at Kaffee Burger

Featuring the math-rock of Portrait of the Young Man as an Artist, the danceable blackness of Mueran […]


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