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OUT NOW! Our JUNE issue!

No shit! EXB is another year older and dedicating its anniversary issue to the lucky, yucky and […]


Bauhaus getaway: Weimar or Dessau – which should you check out?

Both Weimar and Dessau lay claim to the title of Bauhaus Heimat. But which is worth the […]


Bauhaus on the Bühne

The Akademie der Künste kicks off the jubilee celebrations to mark 100 years since the iconic design […]


Twenty years of Weimar Berlin: Jason Lutes

INTERVIEWS! US comic artist Jason Lutes on the 22 painstaking years he spent imagining 1930s Weimar from […]


Santa’s bookish wish list

Bookworm or not: if it’s a good read, it’s a good gift. We’ve rounded up some of […]


Freedom. The Art of the Novembergruppe 1918 – 1935

The Berlinische Galerie pays tribute to the Novembergruppe with a comprehensive retrospective to the Weimar-era association of […]


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