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“You have a choice!” The Berliners fighting Poland’s abortion laws

We meet the individuals providing a vital lifeline to Poles with unwanted pregnancies, and explore how Berlin […]


Books and barista brews at Bookinista

INSIDER TIP! The only Buchladen in City West with barista-standard coffee brewed solely by women, Bookinista celebrates […]


Women at the forefront: Nationalgalerie’s Fighting for Visibility

REVIEW! Don't miss Alte Nationalgalerie's "Fighting for Visibility: Women Artists in the Nationalgalerie before 1919" through Mar […]

Music & clubs

black box: This is the sound of the cervix

Inspired by the cervix, black box at Mitte's Acker Stadt Palace from Jan 15 through Jan 16, sees […]

Music & clubs

Quest for the meaning of music: Dice Conference

Kicking off Oct 31 through Nov 2, this year's Dice Conference, a festival dedicated to female, trans […]


Ladies of the apocalypse: Endzeit’s Carolina Hellsgård

INTERVIEW! Berlin-based filmmaker Carolina Hellsgård on her surprising female-focused international hit Endzeit and what drew her to […]


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