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The Gay Berliner: Gays and gals

Walter Crasshole empties his fag bag and vents on the issues of the day. This month: why […]


Late November’s art lessons

End your November with art presented by the Akademie der Künste. Camaro Stiftung hosts 150 years of […]


Blue skies, books and Berghain: Kimberly Marteau Emerson

Emerson is a human rights activist, a mum of three and wife of US Ambassador John B. […]


At the top of theatre: Where are all the women?

Alexandra Georgieva of the Friedrichstadt-Palast talks training the next generation of dancers and shares her take on […]


The unlikely feminists

Can you cover your head, stay home with the kids, sell your body to men... and still […]


A girly ghetto?

Flowers, fashion, periods: why Berlin’s start-up scene sticks to traditional gender roles, and what can be done […]


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