Terms and conditions of Exberliner voucher deals

§ 1 Participation and redemption

(1) Vouchers are valid (unless stated otherwise) only for the month of publication in which the issue from which the vouchers are taken. Vouchers from the July/August double issue are valid from July 1 to August 31.

(2) Only one voucher can be used per person.

(3) Vouchers can only be redeemed once and cannot be re-used.

(4) Only vouchers printed in Exberliner Magazine are valid for redemption; any copies or imitations are null and void.

(5) Vouchers are not redeemable for cash and may not be resold for cash value.

(6) Vouchers can only be redeemed in person and may not be used for delivery orders.

(7) The supplier of the voucher (eg. restaurant, bar, cafe, etc.) takes full responsibility for the content of the offer.

(8) Vouchers can only be redeemed for the corresponding offer described in Exberliner Magazine.

(9) Iomauna Media GmbH takes no responsibility for the content of the offers and the accuracy of their portrayal in photos.

(10) Participants must be aged 18 or more and legally competent.

Terms and conditions of Exberliner competitions and giveaways

Competitions are carried out by Exberliner Magazine (Iomauna Media GmbH) in cooperation with a media partner. Giveaways are announced in the weekly Exberliner Newsletter, on www.exberliner.com or via its social media outlets on Facebook, Twitter and/or Google+.

§ 1 Participation

(1) The participant takes part in the competition by writing an email to win (at) exberliner.com with their full name and specifying the name of the competition.

(2) All participants must be aged 18 or above and living in Germany.

(3) Participants must use their real name when taking part.

(4) Employees of Iomauna Media and their relatives are excluded from participation.

(5) Iomauna Media has the right to cancel the competition at any time. Participants do not have a the right to a prize.

(6) The end of the competition is stated in the competition announcement. In the case of ticket giveaways where the competition end not stipulated, the competition is ended 24 hours.

§ 2 Claiming prizes

(1) The winner(s) of the competition are contacted via email within 10 working days following the close of the competition.

(2) To claim the prize, the participant must reply by email within 5 working days or, if the prize is for an event, at least 12 hours before the event.

(3) Competition winners are only entitled to one prize.

(4) Prizes cannot be exchanged for their cash value.

(5) No correspondence about the competition will be entered into, and there is no right of appeal.

(6) Any complaints should be submitted to win@exberliner.com within 10 working days of the announcement of the prize winner. Complaints submitted after this period cannot be processed.

(7) In the event that the prize can no longer be awarded (eg. due to event cancellation), the winner will be awarded a similar prize with a similar value.

(8) Any complaints regarding the quality of the prize should be submitted to the appropriate authorities (manufacturer, event organiser, etc.). Iomauna Media cannot be held responsible for faulty or unsatisfactory prizes.