The ballad of the big fish



Olympischer Platz 3, 14053 Berlin

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Fucking spellcheck.... sorry, very poor show from me today...

sweetman more than 10 years ago


Cheers Drew, dunno how that one slipped through. You are right, it was a turgid, flabby game and Aerts' howler was, well just that, a howler. he was very lucky to get back and tip it over.... but I do feel sorry for 'keepers sometimes. It is the shittiest position.

sweetman more than 10 years ago


You've got a stray BOCHUM in there and you made the game sound much better than it was, though I love the bit about it being more important for Cottbus than Hertha (but if you live in Cottbus, you have little to look forward to other than death).

And also you were way to kind to Aerts. He shoulda been taken out. You recall the amateur mistake in the second half where he didn't realize a defender was still behind him -- game should have been 2-3 for that mistake.

Drew Portnoy more than 10 years ago

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