Kickin' it: The new EXBERLINER Football page



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I'd check out belushi's mate. I tlooks like an airport lounge, and is mostly horrible, but it was the only place showing the ashes too..

sweetman more than 10 years ago

asia cup final

anyone know where I could watch the Asia cup final here in Berlin, between Australia + Japan? I believe it's being televised on Eurosport 2....? cheers

football kangaroo more than 10 years ago

facebook takeover

Why can't I registerat the top of the page that I "like" this new venture without signing up to Facebook? Is it part of Facebook's attempt to control all human interaction? As a perennial refusenik I won't do it!!

la pasionaria more than 10 years ago

Great blog

Love to read your football-blogs Jacob! Especially when it comes to Union. Keep up the good work!

Geoffrey more than 10 years ago

Good News

Mr Sweetman, I have been reading your excellent blogs for some time now, and think this is great news. I look forward to more of you brilliant and funny writing. Good news.

Gerd more than 10 years ago


I am so pleased that the Exberliner has finally launched a decent football page! And I am even happier to see that it won't all be Hertha news! I hardly ever check this site because of its lack of decent sports coverage - but I will definitely give this page a chance. I hope this will be reflected in the print version of the magazine too!

Michael James MacKenzie Jones more than 10 years ago

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