The hurt of the Herthaner



Olympischer Platz 3, 14053 Berlin

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Oh, you Union fans...

Heheh, you're right Mr Sweetman, Mijatovic's hand had no right to be where it was. But free kicks have been given for less than the Mosquera incident. Let's just call it quits, eh?

Stephen more than 10 years ago

I'm with Änne on this one

It was definitely a shoulder, not hand ball. Funny how the opinions on this one are split exactly down the middle eh? Haven't seen many Hertha fans mentioning Mijatovic's more obvious one in their own box either.

sweetman more than 10 years ago

good call

Mosquera didn't handle the ball... If you look at the TV pics, the ball hit his shoulder, right at the joint, so the ref made a good call. Note that no Hertha player protested either ...

Änne Troester more than 10 years ago

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