Alexandra Khan-Anselmo

OUT NOW! LOCKOUT lags on the special effects and the sexual tension, but it at least delivers on the action. Read more


INTERVIEW. Author of Berlin Sampler, Théo Lessour, dives into his reasoning behind writing a book about Berlin music, taking on the Third Reich, the GDR, punk, techno, and more. Read more

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Our monthly flick night features Paul Donovan’s Blissestrasse, a tale of American evangelical Christians who come to ‘save’ Berlin. The farcical faith comedy will screen on Apr 21 at Lichtblick Kino. Director and cast Q&A follows. Read more


INTERVIEW. Californian army brat Patrick Watson on his cinematic singer-songwriting and the true-ish life stories behind some of them. Read more

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INTERVIEW! Bassist Herweg on Grayson Currin, electronic influences, and making it up as they go along. Read more

Concerts & Parties

As Europe’s largest student film festival, Sehsüchte annually offers up the best of aspiring filmmakers. With over 100 film-happenings, the Potsdam-Babelsberg fest happens April 24-29 and is not to be missed! Read more


BOOB JOBS! Every patient is his masterpiece: plastic surgeon and boob sculptor Dr. Kauder on cleavage, cancer, and why he thinks women feel the need to alter their breasts. Read more

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OUT NOW! With a supremely poor performance from Daniel Radcliffe THE WOMAN IN BLACK unsurprisingly fails. Read more


BOOB JOBS! A key figure in Berlin's electroclash movement as part of Team Plastique, Kross speaks of her transformation from tight-bunned turtleneck wearer to whip-heavy hot-for-teacher phenomenon. Read more

Interviews & Portraits

The plethora of dance schools dotted around Berlin can now welcome another contender to the choreographic crown as Studio Motion, offering classes for both kids and adults, has opened its doors. Read more

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So far the fine-dining experience has yet to be truly evaluated, but, morbid fetishism aside, the Jüdische Mädchenschule offers stylish homage to the Jews of present with its art space, cuisine, and historical theme. Read more


Want to be an actor? With 50 theatres, some 20 acting schools and the Babelsberg film studios, Berlin is the place to be. But climbing to the top is not easy. Exberliner outlines it for you. Read more

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Having spent a large part of his life adrift, Alex Zhang Hungtai has hit 30 and found his place amongst the lo-fi elite as Dirty Beaches. He shows up at KaterHolzig on February 25. Read more

Concerts & Parties

The sludgecore veterans return with a new record, The Hunter, with drummer Brann Dailor taking on an increased role, even singing lead on a track on their latest offering. They’ll be slogging through C-Club on Tue, Jan 31. Read more

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Hardly for just nostalgia's sake, cassettes and Berlin's dedicated tape heads are hiding among our musical cityscape. CTM even gives you a taste of the culture with Wolfgang Seidel's "Cassette Concert". Read more

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What are we going to do on New Year's? Funny you should ask, tourist from Barcelona. For a city in which nothing ever really changes, Berlin remains the New Year’s capital of the world. Let’s dig in. Read more


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