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OUT NOW! While EDDIE THE EAGLE is based on amazing, real-life underdog Eddie Edwards, this film disappointingly focuses too much on stereotypes and repeated gags to be truly enjoyable. Read more


OUT NOW! Despite the lack of women and appealing visuals, CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES with John Travolta is still worth watching thanks to a clever twist. Read more


1-800-P-A-R-T-A-Y? For between €2-6, you can climb into the world's tiniest club: a converted telephone booth called a Teledisko. Wanna answer its call? You can at RAW Gelände, Kater Blau or, for €1800, wherever you like. Read more

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You don't have to wait until Gallery Weekend in April to see some great art. We've got a list of six for March to tide you over. Read more

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Photographer Seiichi Furuya's exhibition "Gravitation" at Thomas Fischer Gallery charts some morbid territory, asking the question: Are we ever truly free from the loss of a loved one? Explore for yourself through April 2. Read more

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It's not just enough to open a co-working space in Berlin these days – you've gotta have the right productivity-boosting eats as well. Here are four canteens worth noting. Read more

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You're a capitalism-conscious well-doer who still has a romantic soft spot for Valentine's Day? Make your sweetie happy and stay guilt-free by buying locally sourced flowers from one-woman flower delivery wonder Bloomage Daydream! Read more

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Japan's "Chikei" cannot be translated into English, though it roughly means landforms, and the source of life. Check out Norihiko Dan's architectural installations at Architektur Galerie through Feb 27 to see just how Chikei Berlin can get. Read more

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INTERVIEW! Hatsune Miku is one of many successful pop stars in Japan, and the first that started out as a software. This highly advanced teen girl hologram is performing at HKW as part of Transmediale/CTM Feb 5-6 at 21:30. Read more

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Contributions from Bulgaria, Turkey, Croatia and more in Bulgarisches Kulturinstitut's "Von hier zu mir" produce a show full of life, colour, memory and most importantly distortion. Warm up to a bit of the Balkans this winter through Feb 12. Read more

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HIGHLIGHTS: The art world's winter hibernation is over and Berlin's got it going on. From the misogynist feminism of Carol Rama to anti-traditional Japanese minimalism from Koji Enokura, here are six shows to check out this month. Read more

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Did you promise yourself you'd eat more healthily this year? Berlin Organics has the powder for you: five different blends of various superfoods ready to sprinkle over, onto or into the low-cal meal or beverage of your choice! Read more

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From Jan 20-24 Deutschlandradio and RBB’s Ultraschall Festival brings together great minds and musicians for five days of boundary-pushing contemporary classical in venues across the city. Read more

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So it's midway through January, and you're already starting to slip on your New Year's resolutions. But we've got just the stuff to (re-)kickstart your motivation – by appealing to the foodie in you. Read more

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INTERVIEW. Disruption Network Lab presents its last conference of the year: "Stunts" on Dec 12, 16:30 at Kunstquartier Bethanien. Keynote speaker and Burning Man/SantaCon co-founder John Law knows a thing or two about punking the system. Read more

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