Ane Feier Knudsen

OUT NOW! TAKE THIS WALTZ dances unconvincingly around a failing marriage. Read more


Sometimes boys just wanna have fun, and sometimes boys just wanna be on their own. From fisting to 'staches to fraternities, we checked out five Berlin boys' clubs. Read more

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OUT NOW! Director Ruben Östlund traverses humanist pitfalls in his exploration of immigration and modern welfare society in PLAY. Read more


OUT NOW! Malik Bendjelloul makes a case for singer Sixto Rodriquez's in South Africa in SEARCHING FOR SUGAR MAN. Read more

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What's a Berliner to do to survive after the apocalypse? Berlin's emergency systems, its bunkers and some knowledge of mushrooms may be your only hope. Read more

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We weren't all incinerated in a firestorm of Mayan smugness on Dec 21, but Exberliner investigated nine other apocalyptic scenarios, just in case. Read more

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We take a look back over the moments in history when Berlin stood on the brink of annihilation. Read more

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This new night for movie buffs is all about classy films, classier outfits and soundtracks from bygone eras. Definitely one to leave your bashed up converses in the closet for. Read more

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Who says you can't get nostalgic about stationery? From vintage GDR notebooks, retro drawing books and old school pencils and erasers, Memory stocks locally-made, eco-friendly writing materials that counter the Moleskine mainstream. Read more

Insider Tips

C-base is today's geek ground zero – an open-source playground for everything from software to sci-fi and according to it's members an alien spaceship crashed on the site of c-base 4.5 billion years ago. They plan on leaving in 2023. Read more

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The big art bang is upon us! From September 11-16, Berlin’s art scene explodes with fairs, fêtes and even food. Where to go? Exberliner knows! Read more

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