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Interview: Spanish choreographer and dancer Hansel Nezza. Nezza will show his intimate interactive installation, Cámara Oscura at the Uferstudios this month as part of the Plataforma festival starting Oct 12. Read more

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Photo by Anna Achon

Anna Achon visited some of the best productions of Tanz Im August. Take a look at her photos from the African and fusion-focused dance festival of 2011. Read more

Wolfgang Bankstahl of Multilayerladen, Berlin (Markthalle IX) Read more

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The Urban Research and Design Laboratory at the Technische Universität, Berlin (Markthalle IX) Read more

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RARE Office, Berlin, with artist Giacomo Albano, Rome (Markthalle IX) Read more

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The Spreeufer für alle design competition presents a round up of ingenious engineers and their prospective designs for Spree-side living. Part of our EXPERIMENTDAYS package. Read more

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Constantin Mawrodiew of design network feinkost, Berlin (DAZ) Read more

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Exberliner gives you peek at the hottest looks at the Berlin Festival 2011. From wild to excited, there was plenty to look at this year. Photos by Anna Achon Read more

For 11 days in September, 150 authors from 60 countries descend upon Berlin for the city’s finest annual literary event, the 11th International Literature Festival Berlin (ILB). Time to rub shoulders with the literati! Read more

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Festival overload continues! In the wake of the Art Forum fiasco, Berlin’s other art fairs scramble to pick up the pieces, pull in the dough and help redefine the city’s cultural (and commercial) moment. Read more

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Where can you find shopping magic in Berlin? For only €1 entry, you find it at the Voodoo Market, the every other month party-in-a-bazaar. Handpicked wares, haircuts, tattoos and DIY participation, as well as a party, await. Read more

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INTERVIEW: Mad Kate and Juan de Chamié. Combining all of their mediums, the opening of EXIT boutique was a fashion show titled The Feast of Pan and featuring a filmed orgy. Read more

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