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Anne Lena Mösken started as a freelance writer in 2008. She’s become the magazine’s most intrepid reporter, writing for nearly every issue while freelancing for German mags and Berliner Zeitung, where she now works fulltime. Read more

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When it comes to the new international airport (BER) set to open in June, the Berlin government is putting commercial interests above those of its citizenry. Not, however, without a struggle. Read more

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When the PIP scandal broke in 2010, few breast implant patients in Germany were told they were carrying toxic time bombs. Up to 500,000 women in Europe are believed to have been affected – many in Berlin. Read more


Ever asked yourself where those boots you scored at your favourite thrift shop came from? The trade in used clothes is second-hand fashion’s ratty little secret, going back to that container down your street. Read more

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While thousands of occupiers take to the Reichstag, capitalism is alive and kicking on Rosenthaler Platz. Read more

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Berlin is Germany’s HIV capital. But what does it mean to live with AIDS in a time and place in which customised treatments can provide many HIV patients a normal life expectancy? Read more

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While experts and activists are busy discussing alternative scenarios for the riverside, one group has already set the future in motion. Read more

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Every summer, the clubs on the river drum up media fuss about their imminent demise. Each victim of the Mediaspree developers throws a ‘last closing forever’ party – only to cancel the closure their success. Read more

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Ingrid Thorius is an 80-year-old retired head nurse and a familiar face around Moabit. We talked to her about life, her mother and her neighbourhood. Read more

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The veterans of Berlin’s post-Wende nightlife underground have reached into their deep pockets to recreate the scrappy playground of their youth. Read more


She was the club pioneer on the banks of the Spree. But soon, at just 13, she will be gone forever. Maria, one of Berlin’s top clubs for electronic music, closes this month. Read more

Concerts & Parties

The extreme violence and vandalism surrounding the eviction of the Liebig14 squatters in January could mean that this year’s May 1 Kreuzberg demo will be more brutal than ever. Read more

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Every half hour, a woman in Berlin is physically assaulted – not by a stranger but by someone she trusts most: her husband, a lover or family member. Anne Lena Mösken investigates. Read more

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Don't want to stay home even though the Berlinale's over? Looking for the extra edge to make you REALLY feel like you know Berlin and it's nitty-gritty Kino-world? Our guide to alternative film spots shows you where to look. Read more

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Every night, when you tuck into bed and drift off to dreamland, your body and brain become a buzzing hive of activity. At the Charité Sleep Lab in Mitte, the research begins when the lights go out. Read more

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BERLIN BEAUTY: Germans like to dance the Cuban salsa and Spanish flamenco, to holiday in Tuscany and to act, well, German. But when it comes to their genitals, they love it the Brazilian way! Read more

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Does Berlin’s new “sustainable nightlife” really make a difference, or is it just another party gimmick? Read more

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It’s secret, it’s not quite legal - and it’s definitely a whole new way to eat out. We invite ourselves to the Palisaden Supper Club to sample guerrilla dining, Berlin-style. Read more

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A decade of Exberliner continues online with a series of our 10 best features throughout the years – from critical to hysterical to heart-breaking. Day six revisits our Polizei investigation with victim testimonies, including video footage. Read more

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What does Africa stand for? Hmm... wild animals? Oh yes, of course – shantytowns! So, to get as close to the World Cup as 10,000 km permits, why not build a slum-style fun park? Read more

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