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Berlin as a city is certainly open, but how about open source? We profiled four open source near-exemplars. Open source bookmaking is all in a week’s work for publishing revolutionary Adam Hyde. Read more

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Nazi bomb shelter, GDR warehouse, techno club, and since Christian and Karen Boros purchased the Mitte heritage-listed bunker in 2003, one the most intriguing sites to experience contemporary art. We take a peek inside. Read more

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C-base is today's geek ground zero – an open-source playground for everything from software to sci-fi and according to it's members an alien spaceship crashed on the site of c-base 4.5 billion years ago. They plan on leaving in 2023. Read more

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Bored of expats who don’t dance? Dip low to rhythmic beats of African drums remixed into Rhianna's hits at a couple of African favourites. Or if you're wanting to escape claustrophobic club walls, head to the beach (bar) for a lazy Sunday arvo. Read more

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Sex is in the air as Berlin’s love-starved women look to Africa to fulfil their need for romance, emotional support…and the ‘African banana’. We follow the cross-cultural hanky-panky from Kenyan beaches to a Kreuzberg club. Read more

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In its inaugural event, the Israeli Film Festival – not the Jewish film festival! – gathers 40 films over four days for a new look at indie Israeli cinema, Oct 18-21 at Moviemento. All of it is English accessible. Read more


October is apple time! So why not get 'em from the pros? Apfelgalerie is Berlin's only apple specialist, with everything from your run-of-the-mill favourites to rare species such as the Gelber Bellefleur to chutney, juice and jam. Read more

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Whether black with a German ID or white with an African passport, “200 percent” African or “not that African at all”, these 10 Berliners are changing the face of the city. Read about them here and catch some of them on Sep 26 at Kaffee Burger. Read more

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Valerie Smith's swansong, an ambitious HKW re-vamp, has just has one week left on the clock but there's still time to catch it. In case you're undecided, let us persuade you. Read more

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Ditch your Radler for a refreshing Ghanaian fruit beer. Dju Dju is a refreshing fruit beer using raw ingredients imported from Ghana. The "alcopop" comes in three exotic flavours: banana, mango and passionfruit. Read more

There's only one month left of summer, so if you haven't seen the two mosted talked exhibitions of the season, it's time to make your dates. Photography is the medium of choice. Read our review of Diane Arbus here. Read more

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Keen to hit up a club but missing a membership? Well, our trials of five of Berlin's tennis courts shows that, like Berlin's summer and tennis itself, they can be hit or miss. Read more

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Waning public enthusiasm, diminishing cash flow and an impossible-to-emulate legacy from the 1980s when Germany dominated the sport have led to tennis falling into neglect in the last decade… Yet Berlin was once home to a vibrant tennis culture. Read more


If you're looking for English-language films, the Freiluftkinos have put together a programme with an eye to escape: from the next Wes Anderson cult classic, through the gritty The Dark Knight Rises. Read more


A new trend is sweeping Berlin theatres: English surtitles. But while surtitling professionals fight for recognition of their work, some theatres are balking at the possibilities opened by the new technology. Read more

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INTERVIEW. Brandon Welchez and Charles Rowell of Crocodiles have become an irrepressible duo. The San Diego-cum-New York fuzz-rock band continue their insolent sun-kissed noise pop on Endless Flowers. Read more

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Welcome spring with a visit to one of the Freiluftkinos in Berlin. Good weather, good flicks and however you choose to enjoy that open air at the same time (beer or wine optional). Read more


INTERVIEW. The five-piece’s post-1980s disco-pop fuses R&B wet dream-dripped synth, solid rhythms and earworm hooks with babes and super QTs in top knots. They kiss Bi Nuu, April 25. Read more

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Prompted by a sophisticated series of imaginative, cryptic clues teams of 7-12 trace multiple routes across the city on foot and public transport, faster than any bunny could imagine to do! Read more

Dr. Richter-Ehrenstein has dedicated her lifework to breasts – and to the 58,000 women who are diagnosed with breast cancer in Germany every year. Read more

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