At the Museum for Communication, Hermann Vaske’s Why Are You Creative? offers an existential quick fix for the arty set. Read more

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On now through Jan 26 at Kulturforum, Micro Era charts the birth and evolution of video art in China. From Zhang Peili's pioneering works to contemporary highlights such as frenetic anime aesthetics and the new art medium of playable videogames. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

Open now through Jan 27 at the Berlinische Galerie, "Original Bauhaus", the Bauhaus Archiv's official centenary exhibition shows why the art and design movement is still relevant today and creatively tells the Bauhaus story through 1000 objects. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

Last chance to see our critic's choice ceramics double bill Figures de Décoration and Transfiguration at Art Mûr through Oct 19, plus more of our pottery exhibition top picks open now. Read more

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From Gastarbeiter to expats, from Kbeauty to Kpop: Welcome to Berlin's Korea town! Meet the Haupstadt's Korean nurses and notaries, the jet setting creatives and kimchi royalty, find out where to get your Korean food, film, fashion and more. Out now! Read more


With the opening of Neither Black/Red/Yellow Nor Woman on Sep 28 at The Times Art Centre Berlin, we pick out our favourite exhibitions on now at Berlin's new indie art institutions - from experimental art to sustainable energy to beer gardens! Read more

Art & Exhibitions

Last chance to see Space is the Place, through Sep 15 at Künstlerhaus Bethanien, a 23-artist exhibit drawing heavily on sci-fi themes with works ranging from big minimalist monochrome statements to those exploring a more hopeful side of the genre. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

Kicking off Sep 11 through Sep 15, here’s our top five picks from the annual showcase of international contemporary art worth queuing for. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

In the German papers this week: #instacops, rethinking the East Side Gallery, AfD gain ground in Brandenburg, panda babies and more! Read more


Berlin is scooting towards the e-revolution – or is it? EXB investigates how the "Verkehrswende" is coming along. Also in this issue: e-scooters tested, the local skating scene revisited and September's book, film and art fests previewed! Out now! Read more

INTERVIEW! This Saturday, August 17, EXBlicks teams up with Asia Film Berlin to present three shorts from filmmaker Cha Ji Ryang at 8:00pm at Lichtblick Kino. Read more


INTERVIEW! Simon Fujiwara on examining the curiosities of capitalism in his upcoming show at Hamburger Bahnhof. You can catch the show – alongside the work of other three finalists for the Preis der Nationalgalerie – starting Aug 16. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

As Berliners still await the great white “Unity Seesaw”, it’s time to rediscover public artworks that celebrate German reunification. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

In the summer of 1967, set against the backdrop of the Vietnam War, a young generation was making itself heard as around 100,000 of them flocked to San Francisco in a climax of the hippie movement. Catch it at PalaisPopulaire through Oct 28. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

In 1892, a group of rebel German painters, disillusioned by Berlin’s juried and failing exhibition circuit, decided to mount their own shows. They called themselves the Group of XI. Check out their work at the Bröhan Museum through Sep 15. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

For her second show at König Galerie, American artist Kathryn Andrews has created an installation mainly consisting of a seven-metre tall circus big top tent. Catch her exhibition before it's over on Aug 4. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

Got visitors in town? Or maybe you've got free time of your own and are looking for new ways to explore your city but need a little help. Either way, no matter who you are, there is a tour for you. Read more

Insider Tips

This summer, EXB is taking you off the beaten track with insiders' hangout tips, hot Berlin debut novels, a trip to a Kurdish village full of Berliners, Max Czollek's original take on how Germany is really treating Jews and much more! Out now! Read more

No shit! EXB is another year older and dedicating its anniversary issue to the lucky, yucky and fertile topic of poop. From real shit workers to the many faeces of German history, from anal douching to doggy-doo delinquency and much more! Out now! Read more

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