artificial intelligence

INTERVIEW! Facial recognition expert Os Keyes on how it's the power structures behind AI, not artificial intelligence itself, that could cause some serious issues if it goes unchecked. Hear Keyes speak at Disruption Network Lab on Jun 15 at 18:30. Read more

What's On

A guest of the New Alphabet Opening Days at HKW (Jan 10-13) Belgian AI scientist and opera composer Luc Steels presents his lecture "Language is a Slippery Thing" on January 12, 3:30pm, exploring the shiftiness of language Read more

What's On

Artificial Intelligence has captured the attention of investors and developers worldwide. But what is AI actually used for in the German capital and how intelligent is it, really? Read more

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From party drugs to mental health, from artificial intelligence to sautéed Hirn – this October Exberliner is all about the brain! Plus: A scientist puts sleep myths to bed and we round up the month's festivals in film, music, art and stage. Out now! Read more

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