Calling all beer nerds, this workshop is for you! Kreuzberg brewery Mash Pit's BIY crash course is not for the casual drinker, but for those interested in brewing science the session will leave you well versed in the essentials of microbrewing. Read more

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A hungry expat’s favourite pit-stops for English food in Berlin. Read more

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Can’t shake that nagging voice reminding you that the money you spend on beer could be better used on something more beneficial to humanity? Drink for Peace offers to resolve your inner conflict – while also addressing global ones. Read more

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With a menu resembling the periodic table and bartenders in lab coats, Labor Berlin caters to Berlin's craft-beer needs with a "experimental" twist. Read more

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Despite rumours that Lichtenberg might be the next big thing, the drinking options there are mostly limited to shady Eckkneipen or, well, nothing. So for now, Zum Schwalbenschwanz stands out. Read more

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Three new craft beer gastropubs provide proper plates to go with your designer suds. Read more

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Maria Runarsdottir

Get your barbecue, burger and beer fix at three recently opened restaurants that beef up Berlin’s US food scene. Read more

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Maria Runarsdottir

It's Berlin Beer Week, and craft beer is on everyone's lips – in more languages than just English and German. Check out cosy Prenzlauer Berg pub Birra, which offers both Milanese suds and Italian flair. Read more

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How do you like your craft beer? American company Stone Brewery offers you IPAs with a side of arrogance, while German BRLO brings beer-food pairings to Kreuzberg. Read more

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There's nothing like a balmy eve spent drinking beer and eating snacks outdoors in the company of friends (and/or football). Even better if the food's actually good. Here are our favourites for both summer Gemütlichkeit and tasty German grub. Read more

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Photo by C. Ford (Morwen) (License: Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike Version 1.0. or public domain)

Seymour Gris gives his predictions for the upcoming year. Guten Rutsch everyone! Read more


The end of September signals more than just leaves falling off trees: it's Oktoberfest! Can't make it to Munich? Enjoy a decidedly Berlin experience (Sep 24-27) on the Spree at Hänsel & Brezel. And come on, everyone loves beer and pretzels! Read more

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Looking for an outdoors-y hangout spot that's not super expensive or overrun with tourists? Try venturing outside the Ringbahn to Marzahn's Alte Börse. As of Mon, Mar 16, it's now open till 10pm on weeknights and midnight on weekends. Read more

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In unfamiliar territory, Jane stumbles across Safari Imbiss, a cheap and delicious (if a bit religious) West African hole-in-the-wall. What other hidden treasures does Wedding have to offer? Read more

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As the summer draws to a close, Berliners are taking their last opportunities to visit their beloved biergartens. We have the top five (in no particular order) biergartens where you can imbibe. Read more

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Getting sick of all the run-of-the-mill beers you've been drinking in your local Kneipe lately? We tasted some of the innovative craft beers at the newly opened Hopfenreich to let you in on what you could be refreshing yourself with this summer. Read more

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After predecessor MFE burned down in 2009, it's future is now here in Friedrichshain's Zukunft. An outdoor cinema, jazzbar, art gallery and, of course, a biergarten, make up a ranch of summer chill wonder and bohemian ambiance. Read more

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With Berliner Braufest already in full swing at RAW Tempel, Exberliner presents the grand finale of our Craft Beer Week series with a look at two Wedding nano-breweries that are making big waves. Go forth, drink and be merry this weekend. Read more

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Berliner Braufest starts today (Sep 12-14, RAW Tempel)! And continuing our week-long series into the city's burgeoning microbrewing culture, Rachel Glassberg introduces you to the Kreuzberg mavericks. Read more

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Are you buzzed yet? In the third instalment of our week-long series leading up this weekend's Berliner Braufest, Rachel Glassberg directs your attention to the growing - and inventive - legion of brewpubs. Read more

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    Hops and Barley Bar

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