It's a new year and there are a host of changes in everything from transport, to taxes, to new holiday days as well as big shifts on the cultural scene. Here's what you need to know as we slide into 2020. Read more

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Finally a board game about an airport! And not just any airport: BER! UnberechenB€R: Das Verrückte Flughafenspiel satirises Berlin's famous ineptitude when it comes to handling its big project. Read more

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Seymour loves Tegel, no question about it, but he also knows when it's time to say goodbye. Read more

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With its replacement a multi-billion-euro quagmire, a growing number of citizens, supported by Berlin’s political fringe, are wondering: Does Tegel need to close at all? Read more



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Seymour Gris gives his predictions for the upcoming year. Guten Rutsch everyone! Read more


Seymour Gris gives a touching send-off for our soon-to-be departed mayor, Klaus Wowereit. Take a stroll down memory lane with Gris as he shows us the wonders that Wowi gave us during his 13-year tenure as mayor. Read more

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A poor, bursting infrastructure, no sign of completion of the international airport, the termination of DB night trains – despite it all, the tourists keep flocking to our city. Berlin's love/hate relationship with Touris is symptomatic, says Gris. Read more

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Konrad offers a metaphorical update of the BER airport scandal. Bear with him. Read more

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Still from Mediengruppe Telekommander's "Billig" by Stefan Fähler/Tom Ehrhardt

Porn at the Holocaust Memorial? Wowi goes vegan? What else will 2014 have in store for Berlin? Seymour gazes into his crystal (meth) ball to find out. Read more


Belief in the new BER international airport has clearly waned. The mismanagement is now legendary and improvement of the situation seems more like a pipe-dream. Gris has a few ideas about what we can do with the building instead. Read more

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Konrad knows what's really behind all this airport business – deep primordial urges and repressed sexual envy. Read more

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With only eight days behind us, the year is young. Still, a few things have happened in Berlin in such a short time. Gris highlights the most ridiculous. Read more

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Amongst the myriad of problems our hotly-anticipated, yet widely bemoaned international BER airport has had could it be adding "too small" to that ever-expanding list? Gris says there is a high probability. Read more

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Berlin's mayor, Klaus Wowereit, announces a pop-up airport in time for Fashion Week. And it looks like it may have all the perfect ingredients. Read more


When it comes to the new international airport (BER) set to open in June, the Berlin government is putting commercial interests above those of its citizenry. Not, however, without a struggle. Read more

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