INTERVIEW! Ahead of KOKOKO!'s show at Berghain on Nov 14, the band's Xavier Thomas aka Débruit talks the spirit of Kinshasa’s party music, defying genre and performing at the iconic Berlin club. Read more

Interviews & Portraits

INTERVIEW! David Dietl's club scene doc focuses on the personalities of three Berlin doormen, including notorious Berghain gate keeper Sven Marquardt. Berlin Bouncer hits the screens on Apr 11. Read more


A weekly round-up of news stories that piqued our interest or made us scratch our heads. This week: Antisemitism on the streets and on stage, the AfD and the world's famous club... Read more


Part of CTM’s Panorama Bar lineup on February 2, Berlin-based DJ Perel tells us about utilising her own personal turmoil to create unity on the dance floor. Read more

, Concerts & Parties

(CANCELLED) Palmer Keen gets us ready for the third Raung Raya showcase on Dec 5 with his desert-island Indonesian albums. Read more

Concerts & Parties

Last year, fashion blogger David Kurt Karl Roth took the piss out of Berlin's most infamous club with a fake online shop. One legal injunction later, he's trying again. Check out his Berghain merch and take a Sven selfie from July 12-16. Read more


With Berghain turning 12 last weekend, there's no doubt that the world's most famous club is doing well. Especially in light of the court decision supposedly dubbing the nightlife behemoth "high culture" last month. But what's the real story? Read more


On Thu, Aug 7, Berghain's Halle opens its doors to the public to celebrate 10 years of its infamous sister space. Nine artists including Carsten Nicolai, Norbert Bisky and the gatekeeper himself Sven Marquardt exhibit works from a decade of dance. Read more

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Belief in the new BER international airport has clearly waned. The mismanagement is now legendary and improvement of the situation seems more like a pipe-dream. Gris has a few ideas about what we can do with the building instead. Read more

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