PODCAST! EXB politics columnist Konrad Werner joins host Megan for a weekly German news chat. This week, Konrad visits Grüne Woche, what farmers are angry about, and a non-terrorist attack in Germany. Read more


It's your last chance to see one of our art critic's highlights of 2019, "Original Bauhaus" at the Berlinische Galerie is on through Jan 27. See what other shows made her best (and worst) picks of 2019. Read more

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INSIDER TIP! It may be January but you can still get your beach kicks right here in Berlin! For a Bali-style staycation head to Lichtenberg's Wellenwerk, a warehouse-sized slice of (indoor) surfing heaven. Read more

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REVIEW! The Grimmstraße gastropub is a place to bring visiting friends and family for a non-threatening (and vegetarian-friendly) intro to our city’s indigenous cuisine. And to accompany your carb-heavy dinner, it has a knock-out beer list too! Read more

Food & Drink

In the German papers this week: Staatsballet directors quit, rally to save Neukölln club, new science campus for Berlin, WWII bomb causes travel chaos, discussions for a city-wide ban on burner engines, and more! Read more

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INTERVIEW! Out now, Taika Waititi's new film, the anti-hate satire "Jojo Rabbit", is already Oscar-nominated. We sat down with the writer, director and actor to talk why he made "the least authentic portrayal of Hitler you'll ever find". Read more

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This week's new releases include the sphincter-tightening five-star triumph "Les Misérables" and the divisive satirical black comedy "Jojo Rabbit". Plus catch the 33rd edition of Transmediale, and more happening in the Berlin film world this week. Read more


OUT NOW! Ladj Ly’s impressive feature debut is a bracing police drama that doubles up as a riveting and urgent parable. Read more


INTERVIEW! Opening CTM at Berghain on Jan 24, improvisational live techno act Giant Swan tell us why it's a good time to take risks, how their latest album is their fiercest yet and what to expect in their much-anticipated show. Plus Playlist! Read more

Interviews & Portraits

OUT NOW! A crowd-pleaser about the absurdity and dangers of blind fanaticism, or a bizarre and disturbingly off-balance jumble between slapstick and the horrors of WWII? Read more

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Kicking off Jan 24 through Feb 2 at various venues across the city, this year’s edition of CTM is packed with the finest techno, neoperreo, AV performances and more. Here’s our music critic's tips of what not to miss! Read more

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INTERVIEW! With "Les Misérables" hitting Berlin kinos on Jan 23, we caught up with director Ladj Ly to find out more about his Cannes-winning, Oscar-selected debut feature, cop-watching and why he believes his film is a "cry of alarm". Read more

Interviews & Portraits

REVIEW! Playing Jan 23 at the Volksbühne with English surtitles, Claudia Bauer's "Germania" is one of the most exciting Volksbühne productions in recent memory masterfully capturing the absurd, parodical essence of Heiner Müller's texts. Read more

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EXB resident techxpert Jewell Sparks on the disappointing lack of Berlin startups at this year's CES. With AI the hot topic, there are plenty of Berlin companies that could have benefitted from the visibility. We need to change this for CES 2021. Read more

Tech & Startups

RANT! I thought Germans were supposed to be good at systems! But what is the logic with Berlin house numbers? Are they deliberately trying to confuse us? Jacinta on finding Berlin addresses. Read more


Not living your best life? Feeling guilty about it? Well, we've charted the path to redemption! Here's 15 great causes to get involved in and clear your conscience for 2020. Read more

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As the dust settles on Berlin’s delivery wars, it’s one Lieferando to rule them all... or is it? We investigate how the orange riders saw off the competition and the hyper-local grassroots alternative hoping to throw a spanner in their spokes. Read more

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PODCAST! EXB politics columnist Konrad Werner joins host Megan for a weekly German news rant. This week, Siemens and Australia, Malta and the EU, and Berlin's "African Quarter". Read more


INSIDER TIP! With whispers of a darkroom in the making, the unpretentious Kneipe-ish Capture Bar has ‘captured’ a slice of gay Gemütlichkeit that can’t be forced - and the colourful underwear wall is a welcome sexy wink to fun times to come! Read more

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It's your last chance to see Canadian and French artist and anthropologist Kapwani Kiwanga’s "Under the Cover of Darkness" at Galerie Tanja Wagner through Jan 25, a mix of abstraction and collage that sheds light on persisting patterns of oppression. Read more

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