It's a new decade - and time to deal with old guilt! Can we offset our air miles? Make our everyday more sustainable? We chart the route to redemption. Also: Berliners confess, mum shaming gone crazy and colonial guilt going unacknowledged. Out now! Read more


Food special! From sustainable restaurants to local farms, from Japanese haute cuisine to 2019's big shifts on the delivery market: we survey the year's trends, check out museum cafés, meet foodie influencers and recommend tasty gifts. Out now! Read more


OUT NOW! A curtain call that sees Scorsese explore a different facet of the mafia genre he played a big part in defining. Read more


INTERVIEW! Ahead of the Berlin release for "My Zoe" on Nov 14, writer, director and actress Julie Delpy talks the difficulty of being a radical female filmmaker in Hollywood, steering clear of melodrama and why she likes people who go against fate. Read more

Interviews & Portraits

REVIEW! René Pollesch's piece for Friedrichstadt-Palast plays with the venue's arsenal of technical tricks, but with both irony and restraint, and the show breaks new ground for the director. However, he's done more with less. Catch it Nov 10 and 27. Read more

Theatre & Dance

Thirty years after the Fall of the Wall, what's left of the GDR? We speak to our Ossi neighbours, find the best spots to live the East Berlin life today - and the design, fashion and football icons that have survived the Wende! Out now! Read more


From Gastarbeiter to expats, from Kbeauty to Kpop: Welcome to Berlin's Korea town! Meet the Haupstadt's Korean nurses and notaries, the jet setting creatives and kimchi royalty, find out where to get your Korean food, film, fashion and more. Out now! Read more


In the German papers this week: over-worked Berliners, e-scooter protests, new holiday for cyclists, showers for the homeless and more! Read more

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Berlin is scooting towards the e-revolution – or is it? EXB investigates how the "Verkehrswende" is coming along. Also in this issue: e-scooters tested, the local skating scene revisited and September's book, film and art fests previewed! Out now! Read more

In the German papers this week: Berliner Polizei rebrand their image, human trafficking, an end to free street finds, Spree-swimming cancelled - again! And more... Read more


In the German papers this week: Rainstorms disrupt traffic, BER faces security test, shoppers move downtown, the city counts its homeless and more... Read more

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Running with a view

Luke Chapmann

Want to slip in a shotgun tour of Berlin’s sights before everybody else wakes up? "Go! Running Tours" start as early as 6am. And they're not the only ones offering informative sprints through town. Read more

Insider Tips

In the German papers this week: Building around Tempelhof, Berlin tries to curb diesel, party tourists live up to the term and more... Read more

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In the German papers this week: The police look into rightwing activity, solidarity income goes into effect, the Späti wars continue and more... Read more

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In the German papers this week: €1 BVG tickets, the jellyfish explosion, Berliners vs. the post and more... Read more


For a perfect day at the lake, pack these six new debut novels - all written, published or staged in Berlin. Read more


INTERVIEW! Reza Memari and his team connect 80,000 people looking for homes, love or work with their newsletter service WoLoHo in nine different German cities. The underlying goal? Keeping it personal in order to help each other. Read more

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