Berlin Biennale

The works to look out for this year masterfully tackle today's postcolonial legacies. Catch it before it's over Sep 9. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

INTERVIEW! The Berlin Biennale kicks off Sat, Jun 9. We talked to South African educator and curator Gabi Ngcobo about how she put together Berlin’s 10th Biennale for Contemporary Art. Read more


Don’t let the screens and AI fool you – this edition of the Berlin Biennale draws warmth from the most surprising of places. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

Without time for much reflection after Gallery Weekend, the Berlin Biennale is already here. What do art aficionados expect to see? More importantly, what do they want to see? You can judge the citywide installations yourself starting Jun 4. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

Since 1998 the Berlin Biennale, the near cult-level art fair, has surfaced biannually with new curators, themes, and locations, on the heels of Documenta as one of Germany's most important art events. It kicks off May 8 and runs through Aug 8. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

INTERVIEW. In the wake of what many saw as a bloated, rhetoric-laden, excessively-political affair, artist Cecile B. Evans is staging an intervention, shedding a new light onto the central themes of this year's Berlin Biennale. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

The 7th Berlin Biennale not only comments on politics – it provides a platform for political action and collective participation. The time has come to roll up your sleeves and get involved. Read more

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