In the German papers this week: Tesla factory for Berlin, new outcry against hostel renting from North Korea, thousands evacuated for WWII bomb, Trump rejects Berlin Wall gift, forestation plan for Tempelhofer Feld, and more! Read more

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In the German papers this week: Politicians tell drug dealers to "go fuck yourselves", extremists hijack Friday For Future, public transport price hike made official, Berlin marathon, and more! Read more


In the German papers this week: Building around Tempelhof, Berlin tries to curb diesel, party tourists live up to the term and more... Read more

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This summer, EXB is taking you off the beaten track with insiders' hangout tips, hot Berlin debut novels, a trip to a Kurdish village full of Berliners, Max Czollek's original take on how Germany is really treating Jews and much more! Out now! Read more

Angela Merkel's fourth government will be one long coalition negotiation. Just like life, isn't it? Read more


The election has not changed Merkel's mind – the German policy on refugees is still: keep them out and pretend you're not racist. Read more


While the charismatic likes of Jeremy and Bernie have led left-wing surges in Britain and the US, the German left still hasn’t been able to come up with an alternative to Merkel. Ben Knight talked to members of Die Linke and the SPD to find out why. Read more


Over 200,000 placards line Berlin’s streets this election season, put up by eager volunteers or the candidates themselves. As the starting whistle blew on the campaign back in August, we joined party members for the postering ritual. Read more

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The September 3 debate between Angela Merkel and the SPD's Martin Schulz sealed it: it's more clear than ever that we're gearing up for another four years of "Mutti". What does it mean for Berlin? Read more in our election special, on stands now... Read more


Yet another debate on English-speaking staff in the service industry? CDU politician Jens Spahn thinks it's "dumb" to speak English in the German capital. Is this a case of a provincial politician lost in the Weltstadt or a downright xenophobe? Read more

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The North Rhine-Westphalia result is sad, but then again it's the SPD's own fault. Read more


Merkel just hired Opel's chief lobbyist as her campaign manager. Because that's what CDU governments do. Read more


Go ahead and ban burqas, but then can we get on to an issue that affects our lives? Read more

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The CDU has done a cow-based campaign video. It cud almost make you vote for them. Read more


Putin loves having dinner with German men so very much. What's going on there? Read more


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