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OUT NOW! Formulaic ballet doc FIRST POSITION's plucky protagonists aren't enough to keep viewers on their toes. Read more


Warm, hearty and packed with an orgy of ingredients, kumpir potatoes are one of Berlin's favourite Turkish snack meals. We sampled five of the city's best. So don't be a couch kumpir, go out and try for yourself. Read more

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INTERVIEW. Following middle-class Berliners on the fighting circuit, Jacob Schäuffelen’s documentary Full Contact – A Way of Living strikes at the next EXBlicks on May 13 at Lichtblick Kino. With English subs and director Q&A afterwards. Read more


Commemorate Richard Wagner's 200th birthday (May 22) with a month of film, talks and live performances and discover the contentious composer's cinematic legacy for yourself. From Apr 25-May 31 at Zeughauskino. Read more


Eager to make martial arts more appealing to women, Chimosa near Oranienburger Tor is here to provide an invigorating mix of fast-paced martial arts, meditation and tea-sipping. Read more

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Looking for righteous activities to devote your time to? We explored four opportunities in Berlin to exercise your inner do-gooder, from cuddling kitties to phoning up gran, and how to avoid volunteering scams. Read more

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