For her second show at König Galerie, American artist Kathryn Andrews has created an installation mainly consisting of a seven-metre tall circus big top tent. Catch her exhibition before it's over on Aug 4. Read more

Art & Exhibitions

Circus impresarios Johannes Hilliger and Josa Kölbel are filling the Tempelhofer Feld once again for more than a week’s worth of contemporary circus performances, workshops, discussions and exhibitions. Check it out Aug 2-Sep 2. Read more

Theatre & Dance

INTERVIEW. Throw out your old notions of the circus – Die Originale, brought to you buy the people behind the Berlin Circus Festival, is here Apr 7 and 8 at Haus der Berliner Festspiele. The clowns behind it explain. Read more

Theatre & Dance

INTERVIEW! In 2005 Olle Strandberg broke his neck during a somersault. With the exclellent "Underart: Ode to a Crash Landing" the Swedish circus director contemplates his own paralysis and recovery, on at Chamäleon through February. Read more

Theatre & Dance

Everybody hates a clown and maybe that's why the circus gets such a bad rap (that and the animal issues). The Berlin Circus Festival promises fun without almost none of that. Check it out on Tempelhofer Feld Aug 26-Sep 4. Read more

Insider Tips

From the streets of St. Petersburg to practice spaces of Paris and now to the stages of Berlin, Upsala Circus takes Russian street kids and turns them into circus wonders! The next show, "The Ping-Pong Ball Effect", is at Ambulatorium, Jul 4 and 5. Read more

Theatre & Dance

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